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This company once you cancel the product keeps shipping it and tells you you are out of the return policy area. After 30 minutes they are willing to return 30%, then 50% and keep you on hold for long times and come back saying you were told to call back to cancel. It is just a pile of *** and the tactics they are using is bullying and this company has to be put out of business and soon as they are ripping people off. Hundreds if not thousands of... Read more

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I left there feeling violated. After the pressure sale--which I did haggle down on, they took me to a free skin analysis and tried to get me to spend more --$1600- on products!! After 3 hours, the flawless effect wore off!! So disappointed!! Read more

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Three times I've been approached, or should I say attacked, by sales persons of 'Forever Flawless': twice in Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten and once in the Amsterdam airport Schiphol. On all occasions I was alone and they were with two people... On all occasions the sales persons mentioned how tired I looked and suggested I don't take well care of my skin. This is intimidating. They don't know my age, nor my skin conditions; they completely... Read more

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I was recently visiting the Denver area and stopped in at Park Meadows Mall. I was stopped by a gentlemen and he was giving me a deal on some cream, then steps in another gentlemen "Rafael P." and proceeds to give me a treatment that looked great. Tightened up my skin. Even though I thought I paid too much for the product I was excited to use it. I applied it last evening and it is not the same product he used on me. It did not warm up like... Read more

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Twice now I have been accosted at the North Star Mall in San Antonio, TX. The first time I just kept walking.....the second time I was not as lucky. I was not in a hurry and he handed me a small diamond shaped trial packet. Then come the sales tactics: They start with asking what you use on your face. I use Lancome and Elemis. All high quality products. Without asking if I have a skin allergy - I do - he grabs my hand and applies a... Read more

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Under alot of pressure I purchased almost $1,000,00 worth of products in the San Antonio Tx mall on 8/15/2016. I am a flight attendant and live in Michigan. The salesmen were hard to understand, and didn't take no for an answer. The products I came home with did not deliver like the products they used on my face. When I got home on 8/19/2016 I discovered the sales receipts were not in the bags with my products. I got on the website called and... Read more

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Went in to the hotel gift shop to buy an energy drink. Wound up sitting through facial treatments, seeing pictures of other customers, asked about how much I spend, telling me how great I look, and then telling me that I am getting a ridiculously good price, but I can't tell anyone about the low, low price I'm getting. I bought a couple of things, came back to my room, and started a little Internet research. My receipt said clearly that I... Read more

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I went to the Kiosk to buy Lioness products and was talked into buying other products they were selling. They were represented to be made by Lioness. I did not understand how to use the products after I was sent two different vague emails with instructions. So I called Lioness customer service to get further instruction just to find out they were not even their products. It was very high pressure sales situation. I don't know if the product is... Read more

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Forever Flawless at Rockland.Center in Montreal should the young guys overthere to wash their hands before to apply any product in women face .The guy that I met smell cigatettes from his hand ,its just groos and yerk .Plus He was pushy about his diamond cream and made him very impolite and rude ! Money doesn' t buy the Class!

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I had the same experience as here recounted so many times. Real scamsters, but very insistent. The price changed ever 5 minutes, and, of course, you will never get this deal again.... Diamonds, now gold in cosmetics? What is the evidence? No one reveals the actual contents-- I asked if there is retin-A in these items and no one knew. In fact, no one knew anything but pushy sales tactics. I was offered a facial "for free" and when I returned a... Read more

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